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The 1989 Byrnes Scholars Comment

Deneen Mitchell Lorentz graduated from Lander College with a BA in English. She and her husband, Mark, have one little girl, Kirstie Elizabeth. Deneen is a homemaker. She says: "Thanks to the Byrnes Scholarship, I now have a more positive outlook on life. The Scholarship allowed me to go to college when I never thought I would and gave me the self-esteem boost I needed to realize that I could accomplish something. I have many wonderful memories of the times I spent with other scholars. Although I would not wish the death of a parent on anyone, it was comforting for me to meet people who could relate to the feeling I had about the loss of my mother. Everyone has been loving, caring, and very, very understanding. I could never thank the Byrnes Foundation enough for all they have done for me and given me the strength to do."

Heidi Avera Putman graduated from Wofford with a BA in English and social studies. She is married to Matthew and is a desktop publishing consultant.

Michael S. Alls graduated from Clemson University with a degree in computer science. He is a Senior Systems Engineer. His wife, Deborah, is a faithful member of the Byrnes family by marriage.

Brian Bookter majored in graphic design at the University of South Carolina

Jefrey M. Meletio graduated from Winthrop with a degree in advertising.

Scott Phillips and Adrea are enjoying living in the midwest where Scott is completing his Ph.D. He comments: "The Byrnes Scholarship has meant even more to me now that I am (almost) out of school. I met a gentleman here in [the midwest] who did business with Mr. Byrnes' law firm. He spoke very highly of Mr. Byrnes, and I was glad to share my connection with him as well. The foundation is made up of good people who do good things for others in need. I'm glad to be a small part of it."

Roy A. Miller graduated magna cum laude from Francis Marion with a degree in physics and chemistry.

Tracy Campbell Parsons and her husband, Michael, have a three-year-old daughter, Maylyn. Tracy earned her degree in psychology from Columbia College and her master's in education from Clemson.

Heather Pasour Paulson received both her BA in journalism and her Master of Human Resources from the University of South Carolina. She is married to Carl Paulson.

Melanie Case Hammond and Cory have two little daughters, Lily Sharon and Sadie Grace. Melanie says she is a homemaker with jobs too numerous to list. She received her BFA from Clemson University. She says: "Being surrounded by these folks, knowing they know, made some days a little easier. Gathering with these folks several times a year allowed me to see that as life goes on for us, it's okay to be happy; it's okay to be sad. I have such a fondness for my brothers and sisters." Her favorite memory is "Mom Courtney."

Alicia Pollard-Grant and her husband, Alfred, are busy with their three-year-old, Abrea Faith. Alicia, a graduate of the MUSC School of Nursing, is a Home Health Case. She is also very active in her church. Her favorite memories are of Super Weekend, the skits, and walking on the beach with other Byrnes Scholars.

Gregory Rivers received his degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University. He is a chemical technician with a major oil company. Greg said: "The Byrnes Scholarship changed the course of my life by giving me hope in achieving a brighter future. The family that I was 'born' in when I was initiated in 1989 has given me more than a scholarship -- they have given me love. I'm proud to be a Byrnes Scholar. My fondest memory occurred at Garden City when I performed for the first time in front of the family. They loved my performance. I did not know if it was sincere or not, but it made my day."

Kevin W. Lovett graduated from Francis Marion with a BS in biology. He earned his master's degree in public health from USC. He is Safety Director for a hospital corporation. He says: "It was an honor to be a recipient of the James F. Byrnes Scholarship. The financial support was greatly appreciated, but most important was the respect and fellowship shared with the members of the Byrnes family."

Wade E. Sweat received his degree in civil engineering from the University of South Carolina. He is married to the former Laura Hyatt.

Chris Daniel graduated from Wofford College with a BA in accounting. He is Senior Claims Manager with a major insurance carrier. He and Melanie have an active little girl, Ashleigh, who is almost two. Chris says that the support of the Byrnes family is "so much more valuable than money."

Yentrinh L. Glover received her degree in psychology from Furman University and did graduate work at the University of Tennessee.

Kristine LaSalle Hobbs earned her BA in psychology from Furman University and her Master of Social Work degree from USC. She is a social. Kristine is married to Bill Hobbs. Like many, Kristine has vivid memories of her interview for the scholarship: "During my scholarship interview Mrs. Anderson asked me if I knew who Danielle Steele was. I replied, 'No, I know the name, but I don't think I know what she does. I can't place her.' Mrs. Anderson said, 'Good, she writes trash novels. Don't get to know her."' She says: "The Byrnes Scholarship is much more than a scholarship. It is an extended family that extends and extends and extends! It offered me the opportunity to meet other people who have overcome adversity and thrived. It provided me with role models and friends." Kristine presently serves as a director on the Byrnes Scholars board.

C. Lee Kuykendall earned his undergraduate and master's degrees in accounting from Clemson University. He is married to Karen and works as a public accountant.

Kimberly N. Allen graduated from North Carolina State A & T University with a degree in electrical engineering.

Christine M. Stroble graduated from Wofford College with a degree in English.

Brian K. Few graduated cum laude from Clemson with a degree in microbiology. He earned his MD at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He is a pediatric. He and Jessica Atkins were be married in May 1999.

Gregory B. Fulton attended Morgan State University.

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